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‘Join hands in the community to create a civilized city’Theme activity

Jul 09,2019  Company News.

In order to build a beautiful home and enjoy a healthy life, on July 6, a group of party members + activists from the Sino Steel, "Join hands in the community to create a civilized city" theme service activities. Walk into the community to clean our home and refresh our happiness!


On the occasion of the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the team of the Party branch in Sino Steel put the red spirit into action and better explained the spirit and philosophy of the party. It is also the actual action for the construction of Sunshine Chengyang.


The activity was mainly to clean up the public corners and small advertisements of the community and surrounding public green belts. During the event, the party members carried out the landscaping environmental volunteer service activities.Eeveryone picked up the knives, clips, etc., and played the fine traditional style of not being afraid of dirty and not afraid of tiredness, cleaning up the peels and messy small advertisements, and encountering green belts. Some of the garbage is not easy to sweep, not good, and the party members grabbed it by hand. Although the garbage is very dirty and smelly, the friends in Sino Steel have no complaints. Everyone works together to clean up the surrounding environment.


The voluntary labor of the Sino Steel Central Party Branch has been widely praised by the residents. Through the volunteer service activities of the incumbent party members, not only has the party members' awareness of volunteer service been enhanced, but also the connection between the community and us has been brought closer. The spread of the spirit has played an exemplary role. A red warm current has quietly struck, and the red spirit is unstoppable!


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