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Sino Steel visited the Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in China

Sep 04,2019  Company News.

On September 2, Sino Steel went to Beijing to visit the Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in China. In-depth talks were held with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Evgen Buzz (hereinafter referred to as the Minister).

First,the Minister expressed his warm welcome to the visit of the Sino Steel. He thanked Shandong Province for its contribution to the economic and trade development of Ethiopia. It is proposed that China's current economic cooperation and development in Ethiopia is good, and the policy of the Belt and Road has further enhanced the friendly cooperation between the two countries. The Ethiopian side welcomes companies interested in investing in Ethiopia to negotiate and express their willingness to provide everything in the process,support as much as they can.


Sino Steel expressed their gratitude to the Minister for their hospitality. After briefing the Minister on the company's situation and the current export situation to the Ethiopian market, it mainly expressed the company's intention to strengthen the development and investment of the Ethiopian market in the future. First of all, the company's main export of steel products, the current export volume is considerable, Sino Steel have gradually been recognized by the local market, but the local market still has great potential for development, Sino Steel will always put quality and service in the first place To provide better products for customers in Ethiopia.

In addition, Ethiopia has a wealth of agricultural products. In order to strengthen bilateral cooperation, Sino Steel hope to strengthen cooperation with Ethiopia in the future. In the process of exporting Chinese steel products to Ethiopia, China’s agricultural products can be imported into Ethiopia. Promote the development of bilateral trade.


Sino Steel with Mr. Evne Buzzwai,Minister of the Embassy of Ethiopia in China

After learning about Sino Steel's plans for future bilateral trade, the Minister expressed his great pleasure, because the long-term development of trade must be a bilateral common development, which is also in line with the principle of mutual benefit and win-win for the Belt and Road, and the Minister also welcomes the company to the appropriate actual Esser went to invest and build factories, which showed the fruitful cooperation between China and African countries and achieved better development.

Ethiopia is one of the key countries in promoting industrial development in Africa. We hope to deepen cooperation with our company in the future, promote bilateral economic and trade information exchange, and achieve win-win development.

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