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What is color steel coil, what are its functions and advantages?

Oct 23,2023  Steel Knowledge.

1. What is color steel coil?

1) Color-coated steel coils are called color-coated steel coils or color-coated steel sheets in our daily lives. It is a kind of strip steel that is continuously degreased on the production line through chemical transfer such as phosphating. After treatment, the strip steel coated with organic coating is baked at high temperature. Usually, the surface of this steel plate has a contrasting color. We also call this steel plate color steel plate. and color-coated boards.

2) Color steel coil is a composite material that has the advantages of both steel plate and organic material. It has the mechanical strength and easy-forming properties of steel plates, as well as the outstanding decorative properties and corrosion resistance of organic materials.

The coating types of color steel coils can be divided into: polyester, silicon-modified polyester, polyvinylidene fluoride, high weather-resistant polyester, and clinker sol.

2. The role of color steel coils

1) The coated steel plate is cured using the leading domestic and foreign particle anti-scratch coating technology. The scratch resistance is more than 5 times higher than that of ordinary building plates and can resist scratches from sharp objects. Mainly used in garage doors, rolling shutter doors and windows, home appliances and other fields.

2) The special color-coated board can cooperate with the heating principle of solar polysilicon, has excellent decoration and maintenance effects, and has been widely recognized by the solar industry. The main colors are pearlescent silver, golden, and printed LOGO board.

Color-coated steel coils are an extension of hot-dip galvanized steel coils. They are a deep-processed steel coil product produced by first surface-treating galvanized steel coils and then applying paint. They are suitable for further cold-bending forming. Deep Processing. It consists of three parts: cold-rolled steel coil base material, galvanizing and coating. Because of its excellent weather resistance, formability and recyclability, it is increasingly becoming a substitute for wood. The leading domestic and foreign particle anti-scratch coating coating technology is used for curing, which is more than 5 times more scratch-resistant than ordinary building boards and can resist scratches from sharp objects. Mainly used in garage doors, rolling shutter doors and windows, home appliances and other fields.

3. Advantages of color steel coils

1) Light weight, because the color steel plate itself is light and easy to transport, which can save the construction period.

2) Environmental protection and saving. Prefabricated houses made of color steel plates can be reused, which is environmentally friendly and saves money. There is no pollution and no noise.

3) High strength, because it is a steel structure, with strong bearing capacity, compression and bending resistance.

4) The surface is smooth and easy to clean. The surface of the colorful galvanized steel plate is not rough. It has a long anti-corrosion period and is suitable for repeated use.

After listening to the editor's introduction to color steel coils, everyone must have a general understanding of it and no more doubts. Color steel coils are widely used. Only by understanding it well can we better play its role and realize its use value, thereby saving us money, saving time and better serving the public.

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