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Hello, October----To the 124th Autumn Canton Fair

Oct 19,2018  Company News.

    The popularity of the Peru’s EXCON 2018 Exhibition has not subsided. On October 15th, we ushered in the 124th Autumn Canton Fair.For Sino Steel, we are also familiar with each exhibition tour.Even so,Sino Steel still do not pay less attention to each exhibition, and the preparations before the “war” are still very strong.Hello, October, then come and witness our brilliant October!


    Hello,October,in this Conton Fair,we have  more brighter samples,more booths and wider areas...

    Everyone struggles in the first line with passion and fighting power,people come and go, and there is no end...


    Hello,October,Sino Steel is  honored to participate in the Global Marketing Promotion Conference...

    Different from the previous , trade Qingdao, build the capital of the brand, and lead to the future together...


Hello,October,excellent manager showed a different style of Sino Steel on stage...

    Through the wonderful speeches, Sino Steel received applause and cheers from representatives from different regions. 

Our strength is obvious to all.


    Hello,October,The wonderful performance of the first line partners can’t help but make people’s eyes shine...

    Both products and enthusiastic services have created an inexplicable attraction for friends from different countries...


    Hello,October,please firmly grasp our hands, grow up in communication, build a win-win cooperation, and go together for success...

    October, destined to be an extraordinary good time, A perfect match of people , time and location : 

let us witness this moment together!We are ready to go!

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