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Shandong sino steel Co.,Ltd will show you about the Peru’s EXCON 2018 Exhibition!!!

Oct 15,2018  Company News.

  In October, spent the National Day’s holiday, with a pleasant autumn wind, we ushered in the Peru’s EXCON 2018 Exhibition.Exhibition time:9th-13th,October,Shandong Sino Steel attaches great importance to the exhibition and made other preparations such as market research before the exhibition.Let us walk into the exhibition and see the scene!

    The opening of Peru’s EXCON 2018 Exhibition


    Come on,please come together to share the wonderful photos of Sino Steel’s workers and exhibition customers!

   Shandong Sino Steel Co.,Ltd is committed to providing first-class product quality, best customer service and value.

c.jpg    The workers of Sino Steel have been working hard to provide better cooperation for customers.

    The satisfied smile of the customer is the biggest driving force for us to move forward.


    The pursuit of integrity ensures sustainable development is our values!

    To be world-class professional,reliable and out-standing steel supplier is our vision!

    Offer valuable services,be the best choice is our mission!


    It is precisely because of the different missions and values that we have a different relationship with our customers in different countries!

   Then, please come here, Sino Steel will go forward with you!

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