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Breakthroughs and New Heights Again -- Shandong Sino-steel company succeeded in the 123th Canton Fair

Apr 20,2018  Company News.



Then, let’s continue. New customers also signed the contracts, which is also a beautiful moment.

Hard work and luck are appearing together.


Let’s go on. New customer signed a big order.

Our colleagues working in the first line are always the best.


Our colleagues in the Canton Fair re-passed the good news. Not only new customers, old customers also came and signed orders.

Thank old customers for their trust and support.


The end of the incident was quietly underway, it ended with signing contract.


So, do all the lists we signed being here?

Of course not! It is just the tip of the iceberg,we just selected several representative cases, and a large amount of orders are followed!

This time, not only can we sign the bills, but also receive a new high number of customers!

It really responded to that sentence: begin well and end well.


After a five-day, four-night, 120-hour, 7200-minute Canton Fair tour, there have been numerous face-to-face discussions with customers; breakthroughs, breakouts, and new heights! The 123th Canton Fair tour of sino-steel company also drew a successful conclusion on this day. It is perfect and lucky but reasonable and unexpected. What attracted so many new and old customers?

There is an invisible charm in sino-steel company----- keep powerful forever!


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