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The 123rd China Import and Export Fair

Apr 20,2018  Company News.

It is better to come to the booth of Shandong sino steel company in the spring session of the 123nd Canton Fair with feeling the  gentle Spring breeze.

This is the season of exhibition again, held in the vigorous weather with the gentle Spring breeze. On April 15, 2018, the 123rd China Import and Export Canton Fair, which was much-anticipated for many countries, opened in Guangzhou. For the first stop of the exhibition in 2018, our colleagues in sino steel company have already made sufficient preparations for participating the 123rd Spring Fair.


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It is fine to decorate a modern booth with the comfortable climate.

Exquisite sample, warm environment can be provided in our booth.

Our Vision: To be world-class professional,reliable and out-standing steel supplier.

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It is worthwhile to state that the customer's big order is the most  honorable thing for us with the Spring breeze.

 The situation of signing contacts on the first day of the exhibition is as followed.

Our Mission –Offer valuable services,be the best choice.

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It’s better to keep a close-up for our colleagues working in the front line with the Spring breeze.

Professionalism, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness as well as sincere of our colleagues all highlight the unique spirit of sino steel company.

Our values – The pursuit of integrity ensures sustainable development

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It is valuable to make friendly cooperation across the northern and southern hemispheres with Spring breeze.

We are professional due to concentration.

Our philosophy -- Honesty and integrity, truth-seeking and pragmatic spirit, win-win cooperation.

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At this time of the Canton Fair, we were full of enthusiasm,  confidence and gain successfully. What we left behind was not only the stagnation of new and old customers, but also the praise they gave! Welcome the new and old customers from all over the world to come to the booth of Shandong sino steel company in the 123nd Canton Fair with feeling the gentle Spring breeze.

‘You just need, I am just right.’ We promise that you will harvest different surprises here!

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