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We can supply PPGI1.

PPGI Steel Coil Specifications
Type of coating processFront : double coated & double drying
Back : double coated & double drying single-coated & double drying
Type of substrateGalvanized steel / Galvalume steel /Aluminum
Painted SurfacePrinting / Filmed / Matte / Wrinkled
Paint Top15 - 35 Microns
Paint Back5 - 35 Microns
Package Weight2 - 4 Tons
Coating TypesTop Painted : PVDF / HDP / SMP / PE / PU
Primer Painted : Polyurethane / Epoxy / PE
Back Painted : Epoxy / Modified Polyester

The annual capacity of Color-coated Line is 240,000 tons. We could manufacture top grade steel sheet in building materials plate, automobile plate, electrical appliance plate, solar energy panel, high coating and corrosion resistant plate, MATT plate and plate used for windows and doors.

  • color-coated-production-line
  • Steel Quality Control

        To specify the various physical and mechanical properties of the finished product, various tests, both destructive and nondestructive, are performed. Metallurgical, hardness, hardenability, tension, ductility, compression, fatigue, impact, wear, corrosion, creep, machinability, radiography, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, and eddy current are some of the major tests that are performed by quality control personnel.

    • Thickness Test
    • Stretching test
    • Gloss Meter
    • Zinc  Coated Test
    • Bending Machine
    • Tensile and Yield strength Test
    • Color Coating Adhesive Force Test
    • Hardness Testing
    Packing Details

    3 layers of packing, inside is kraft paper, water plastic film is in the middle and ouside GI steel sheet to be covered by steel strips with lock, with inner coil sleeve . 

    • Steel Sheet Packing
    • Steel Sheet Packing
    • Packing Details - Before Shipping
    • Packing Details - Before Shipping
    • Packing Details - Before Shipping
    • Packing Details - Before Shipping