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Iron ore up 5%, winter storage near steel prices or difficult to rise

Dec 15,2021  Steel Knowledge.

Hot-rolled plate roll: On December 13, the average price of 4.75mm hot-rolled plate rolls in 24 major cities nationwide was 4807 yuan/tonne, up 13 yuan/tonne from the previous trading day. Recent hot roll production has rebounded, while by today's double-focus price increases, the national price rose slightly, today's price pull speculation increased, driving the market to improve transactions, but the future demand is still weak, the later is expected to be tired. Overall, it is expected that the 14th national hot-rolled plate roll market may be stable operation.


Cold-rolled plate rolls: On December 13, the average price of 1.0mm cold rolls in 24 major cities nationwide was 5475 yuan/tonne, down 12 yuan/tonne from the previous trading day. According to trader feedback, today's cold-rolled market in the continuation of the early pessimistic sentiment in most areas still make up for the decline, a few areas narrow shock adjustment, cashing mood gradually thickened, to maintain shipping-oriented. Downstream, more on-demand procurement, the willingness to stock is not high. It is expected that the domestic cold-rolled spot price of more narrow swing down operation on the 14th.


Follow-up with the arrival of the cold weather and the Spring Festival, the trend of weak demand is difficult to change has entered the winter storage stage, east China and South China demand main regional site completion proportion gradually increased, terminal demand or difficult to improve is expected to short-term domestic construction steel prices or will rise slowly

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