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Environmental protection in many places has tightened control, steel futures are booming, and steel prices have slowed down

Nov 18,2021  Steel Knowledge.

1.Raw material spot market:

On the supply side: Due to environmental inspections and continuous rounds of price drops, the overall operating rate of coking plants is low, and there is a willingness to actively limit production. Supply continues to decline, but due to poor shipments, there is a phenomenon of inventory accumulation.

Demand side: Since November, steel prices have fallen by more than 1,000 yuan, the steel market is sluggish, steel mills are facing losses, and steel mills in many places have issued maintenance messages to reduce production and control the pace of coke procurement.

In terms of cost: The skeletal coal types continue to see downward adjustments. At present, the supply of coke market exceeds demand, costs are falling, and the downstream steel market fluctuates at a low level. In the short term, the coke market is weak. After that, it is necessary to continue to pay attention to coke costs and changes in supply and demand. If steel fails to bottom out or the price of coking coal falls sharply, there is a risk that coke prices will continue to pull back.

2.Supply and demand of steel market

Recently, Hebei, Henan, Shandong and other cities have launched emergency response to severely polluted weather. In addition, some steel mills are losing money, and steel production is expected to continue to run at a low level.

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