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the market's low-price transaction performance is still acceptable; short-term building materials prices may maintain a narrow range

Nov 17,2020  Steel Knowledge.

On Monday, the national construction steel transaction volume monitoring data showed that the transaction increased. Specifically, in the early trading period, the snails opened low and moved high. In the morning, the domestic construction steel market prices stabilized and fell slightly. From the perspective of transactions, the current market speculative demand is relatively weak, downstream projects are purchased on demand, and short-term transactions are difficult to see significant volume, so the market mentality is generally more cautious. From the perspective of production, on the one hand, the profit margins of construction steel have recovered significantly in the near future, which will stimulate the release of electric arc furnace construction steel production to a certain extent. At the same time, some blast furnace steel plants may turn to construction materials; on the other hand, considering the recent north In some areas, steel mills have begun to limit production in winter, so the room for short-term construction steel production to continue to increase may be relatively limited. From the point of view of spot resources, steel mills and market stocks are digested rapidly at present, and spot resources of construction steel in some regions are even in short supply. On the whole, the current construction steel market is still in a stage of digesting high-priced resources after the price has risen rapidly and sharply. It is expected that the short-term construction steel prices may consolidate within a narrow range.

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