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[SMM midday review] East China Aluminum: spot rising Water slightly raised Market Trading is more active

Sep 24,2019  Steel Knowledge.

SMM, 24 Sept.

Aluminum period of the month to the interval shock. In the morning, the spot quotation in Shanghai Wuxi market is mostly concentrated in 14310-14320 yuan / ton, after 10: 30, the spot price begins to concentrate in 14330-14340 yuan / ton, the spot price is 30-50 yuan / ton, the spot price is 10 yuan / ton higher than yesterday, the spot price in Hangzhou is 1433014350 yuan / ton, and the difference between the current month and next month ticket price is less than 10 yuan / ton. Today, the holder can ship the goods, but it is still relatively high, the middleman's willingness to receive the goods has not been reduced, according to the market traders, the consignee is more than the shipper, and the buyer and seller as a whole are active. Downstream manufacturers today on-demand procurement of the main, a small number of goods, the status of receiving goods is still OK. East China as a whole closed well today.

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