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Brazilian crude steel production down

Aug 23,2019  Steel Knowledge.

According to statistics from Brazil Steel Institute (IABr), Brazilian crude steel production totaled around 2.4 million tons in July, down by 20.6% year on year. In the first 7 months in 2019, the total amount of crude steel production was approximately 19.7 million tons, down by 4.3% year on year. 

In July, the production of finished steel was around 1.9 million tons, down by 2.2% year on year; that of steel plate products was around 1.2 million tons, increasing by 2.6% year on year; that of long products was around 730,000 tons, dropping by 9% year on year. 

During the same month, the domestic sales volume of finished steel was around 1.5 million tons, down by 6.5% year on year. The imports of steel plates were around 120,000 tons, down by 10.9% year on year; those of long steel were around 50,000 tons, which increased by 2.1% year on year. 

In the first 7 months of this year, the apparent consumption of steel products dropped by 1.5% year on year to 12.1 million tons roughly.

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