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Product and Service Exhibition of CPPCC members' Enterprises

Feb 27,2019  Company News.

On the morning of the February 25th, Mr. Yu, General Manager of Shandong Sino Steel Co., Ltd, attended the third session of the sixth CPPCC Committee in Chengyang District and visited the Product and Service Exhibition of CPPCC members' Enterprises. The Exhibition not only showed how the members devoted themselves to construct an ecological livable and dynamic Jiaozhou Bay North Coast Central area and positive Chengyang with high quality, but also promoted the products of our enterprises.


As the foreign trade window of China's iron and steel industry, Shandong Sino Steel Co., Ltd., has exchanged co-operated extensively with domestic and foreign manufacturers on the basis of win-win cooperation of equality and mutual benefit, and has greatly supported the healthy and rapid growth of China's iron and steel industry. According to the company's integral deployment and professional management policy, the company is currently operating outlet of the plain carbon steel product (hot-rolled plate roll, galvanized color-coated iron roll), stainless steel, scaffold product and aluminum product, and the material processing of related products, product development and so on.

Our company will aim at promoting the healthy and rapid growth of the iron and steel industry in China with honesty and virtue, truth and concrete, maintaining, strengthening and expanding our brand, providing high-quality goods and first-class services for customers at home and abroad as we always do. And we sincerely hope to build a long-term and win-win cooperation with customers at home and abroad.

Qingdao Chengyang Pipilu Art Training Co., Ltd., also appeared on this exhibition as an art training school under Sino Group, it combines and introduces the best Joy-Kid Children's Piano, and focuses on the 3-12-year-old international piano education. The teaching method is derived from Taiwan and has 15 years of brilliant educational experience in Taiwan. Its unique teaching mode has broken the traditional teaching which only pay attention to the boring skill teaching. They have game teaching, imitation teaching and story teaching for 3-6-year-old so that children will be happy to play the piano; follow the spiral rising piano learning law7-10-year-old so that children can avoid detour when learn piano; children are trained to play different styles of music and master high-level playing skills at the age of 10-12, so that children can display their ability to perform on stage and enhance their self-confidence. Compared with traditional piano, they can stimulate children's interest in learning and enlighten their wisdom. Strong R & D team, qualified professional teachers and a complete teaching supervision and training system attracted many members to stop and have a look.


Whether in Shandong Sino Steel or Pipilu Piano, we attach importance to the growth and development of each member, and we will help you to achieve high-quality living conditions! As long as you have talent and look forward to succeeding, there will be your poems and dreams!

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