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Why use tinplate?

Sep 06,2018  Steel Knowledge.

1 opacity

In addition to causing adverse reactions in food, light can also cause changes in proteins and amino acids.

when vitamin C is exposed to light, it is more likely to cause it to interact with other food ingredients, 

resulting in a large loss.According to research and analysis, the loss of vitamin C in transparent glass bottles is 14 times 

higher than that in dark bottled milk.Light can also cause oxidative odor in milk, as well as cracking of nuclides and methionine

 to lose nutritional value.The opacity of the tin can makes the preservation rate of vitamin C the highest.

2 good sealing

The barrier properties of packaging containers to air and other volatile gases are important for the preservation 

of nutrients and sensory qualities.Comparing various juice packaging containers proves that the oxygen transmission rate

 of the container directly affects the browning of the juice and the preservation of vitamin C;

Metal cans, glass bottles and aluminum foil with low oxygen transmission rate, and carton have good preservation of vitamin C.

Among them, iron cans are the best.

3 reduction of tin

The tin on the inner wall of the tinplate acts on the oxygen remaining in the 

container during filling, reducing the chance of oxidation of the food ingredients. 

The reduction of tin has a good preservation effect on the flavor and color of light-colored fruits and juices. 

Therefore, the juice cans using unpainted iron cans are better preserved than the juice cans of other packaging materials, 

and the brown change is slight. The flavor quality is better accepted and the shelf life is extended.

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