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Steel prices expected to rise in the second half of the year

Aug 02,2018  Steel Knowledge.

    In the first half of 2018, China's charge material market showed a weak and strong operating trend. After entering March, the prices of scrap, iron ore, billet and other raw materials fell sharply due to the fall in steel prices. Subsequently, the demand for steel terminals was gradually released, and the imbalance between supply and demand improved. Steel mills' profitability improved, and the enthusiasm for purchasing raw materials gradually recovered. The prices of raw materials such as scrap steel have gradually begun to fluctuate and rebound.


    In the second half of the year, environmental protection and production restrictions in key steel producing areas such as Tangshan and Wu'an continued to strengthen. Since July 20, Tangshan City has started a 43-day emission reduction and limited production. Wu'an Steel Enterprise's high-grade production limit is 15% in the second quarter. 20% rose to 25% to 35% in the third quarter. National blue sky defense warfare, heating season and limited production will have a certain boost to steel prices.

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