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“Travel on foot on Maogong Mountain, Make the scenery better” - socially useful activity of Shandong Sino Steel Co., Ltd.

Sep 19,2017  Company News.

o inherit the essence of Shandong Sino Steel culture, to enrich the amateur cultural life of staffs, and to promote low-carbon society, health and leisure lifestyle, Shandong Sino Steel organized the socially useful activity - pick up garbage on Maogong Mountain. Our purpose: Make the city and life more beautiful.





The young staff of Shandong Sino Steel actively responded to the public welfare activities, even in the rest of the day, we are actively participating, The young men of Shandong Sino Steel gathered at the foot of the Maoshan Mountain, With their own actions, earnestly do a public welfare activities, The concept of service in Shandong Sino Steel is also a good habit of forming Shandong Sino Steel for many yearsFrom the details “Every little thing starts with the first step”, Action with environmental protection, called on everyone to care for our planet and our living environment.




Several interesting activities have been interspersed in this socially useful activity, Treasure hunt, Make friends with strangers, It's even more fun for our activities, still more, after the socially useful activity, our company arranged a rich farmhouse feast, and other activities such as picking grapes,Ttese activities let everyone put down work and stress, Intimate contact with nature, At the same time cultivate the sentiment, to the mood of a holiday.



The socially useful activity not only advocate a healthier, more natural, safer, the harmony between man and nature and the low-carbon environment of life, It also a true manifestation of Shandong Sino Steel micro-charity, At the same time, it demonstrates the positive outlook of the people in Shandong Sino Steel.


Shandong Sino Steel with action to tell you------


To work, we are not slack!

On the public welfare, we are more serious!


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